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Squawkers McCaw

Miss Ruby with her faithful companion, Birdie. At 96, I hope Miss Ruby outlives Hasbro's recommended age group for Squawkers!

A FREE color copy of Squawkers McCaw's Instruction Manual and Adoption Certificate with every purchase!

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The Original Squawkers McCaw FurReal Friends
Squawkers McCaw Redefines "Polly Wants A Cracker!"

Squawkers McCaw Redefines "Polly Wants A Cracker!"

Here is Squawkers McCaw in the buff!  Billed as one of the pets without the poop, Squawkers is a huge hit with young and old alike.  In fact, for recommended ages, they list 5-105!  This FurReal Friend was the winner of the 2007 NAPA Awards!

Squawkers McCaw FurReal Friend is a talking, squawking, playpal parrot.  This plush plumed bird responds with over 45 pre-programmed words, phrases and sound effects!  Squawkers even sings and dances to his own signature tune.  Totally interactive, Squawkers McCaw has sensors in his back, head, beak and his tongue too!  Wave your hand over his head and Squawkers will blink.  When you stroke his back, your Squawkers FurReal Friend will coo and move in response.  Pet his beak and Squawkers will either coo or give you a kiss!  If you place a toy cracker on his tongue.....although Squawkers McCaw is much like a real macaw, never feed him real food!....he will chew and make yummy sounds.  If he gets fed too much at once, he will get the hiccups!  Pat his back, he'll burp and feel better!

Squawkers McCaw FurReal Friend also has for real life-like movements!  He bobs his head up and down.  He can even move it side to side!  Squawkers McCaw's beak opens and closes.  His wings move, as if he is ruffling his feathers.  Squawkers' body sways just like a real bird, too!

Squawkers McCaw will automatically respond to 8 main phrases:  "Hello", "Whatcha doing?", "Good Night", "I love You!", "Give me a kiss!", "Pretty bird!", Are you hungry". and "Let's play!"  Cup you hand over Squawkers' head and eyes, and say "Peek-A-Boo!"  He'll reply!  When you remove your hand and repeat the phrase, see what else he has to say!  Your FurReal Friend Squawkers even has a sleep mode!  He starts snoring when he goes into it!

Squawkers McCaw FurReal Friend has 3 play switch positions:  Parrot Talk, Mix and Custom Speech.  If he is on Parrot Talk, Squawkers has dance and repeat modes!  Say, "Let's play!"  Wait for your FurReal Friend to reply, "OK!"  Ask, "Wanna dance?" and he will respond, "Play me some music!"  If Squawkers does not hear a beat within approximately 8 seconds, he will dance and sing his signature tune!  If you say, "Let's play!' and wait for his response you can also go activate his "Repeat after me" mode.  Squawkers McCaw will repeat everything you say...up to 3 seconds long....in a parrot like voice!  He will squawk when finished and let you know it's time to speak again.

If you have a remote, Squawkers McCaw becomes more even more fun!  You can program him to respond to certain words or phrases when you.....and you alone....say them.  For example, he can be set to say "Happy Birthday!" every time he hears you say your child's name.  He can also be "taught" to say different things when you press a certain letter.

All in all, Squawkers McCaw is a FurReal Friend that acts up, speaks out and gets down!

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